Need advice with new mid range gamin pc

I am in the process of buying a new machine - specs wise here is what I have ordered.

Intel E5200 2.5 (chose because of low cost and overclock headroom)
GA-EG31M-s2 Gigabyte mobo
Leadtek (PX)9800 GT 512
2gb DDR2 800
GX-X6B case
LiteON DH-20A3S DVD writer
Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB
LG Widescreen 19"

but.. on the PSU issue I ordered the Gigabyte ODIN 575W (GE-P585A-C2)

Its all gigabyte coz my mate gives it to me at cost, and thats what we get here is South Africa lol. :D

But my biggest question is will this 575W give me the 26A on the 12v rails I need? Would the 460W have managed? This PSU from what I can gather puts out +- 43A but if someone could confirm this it'd be great. And is this case a good one for permitting the sort of airflow I'd require to get the 5200 to 3ghz?

1 - so will this psu do it?
2 - will it give me o'c headroom?
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  1. give a man a fish and you feed him for only one day

    teach him to fish and you feed him for life


    how hard would it be for you to look at the gigabyte website and then have a look at the specs for that psu?
  2. that I have done. Like I said it should put out 43A. But my question is will that support the 9800gt and me o'cing the 5200?

    and its like this: give a man a fish, and he will eat it. Teach him to fish, and he will sit at the riverbank drinking beer all day!
  3. and Jonnyguru have awesome reviews about PSU and everything you need. they load it, test it, hot room etc etc.
  4. 9800 + a 5200 shouldnt take much in psu but a 500w+.. your fine..
  5. Take care if you buy 400-500w PSU, some dont have 8pin cpu or no 6pin PCI-e.

    Also, take a look at the AMP on each rail ( at least18-20 amp ). If single maybe its fine for the 9800 cause its surely a 35-40 amp.

    Look carefully amp, efficiency (@ high temp), and the connector youll need. and PLZ dont buy a 20$ PSU ! ;)
  6. If anything get a 550w ocz, apevia 520w or antecs.
  7. I disagree with teh apevia. Every bench ive seen show big ripple on load with Big unit and on the 500W, FAIL the 500W test (cause it started to MELT on 400W test ... with 2 unit)

    From the review :

    The Apevia ATX-AS500W-BL started off with an either love it or hate it look and with a questionable build quality. During the load testing portion of the review the design choices lead to poor performance and some literal falling apart as the unit began to melt. At a load of only 241w at 45c the 12v2 rail fell out of the ATX specification for 12v output voltage range and sealed the fate of the Apevia.

    OK for TT, antec, corsair, OCZ, PC P&C, seasonic ( lots of good PSU have SEASONIC parts ... ) and many others. Just do you HOMWORK... google it or be an addict to some nice reviews site !
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