Mb DX58SO - no 4 pin connector for TV Tuner card?


I have this problem with my Intel DX58SO motherboard:

My Leadtek TV Tuner works just fine but only video, no sound. It seems that there is no port on tis m/b where I should plug the sound cable, which is a 4-pin conector. Should be something like a CD_IN or AUX_IN port, but there's none.

My TV Tuner is Leadtek Winfast 2000xp Expert, on PCI slot.

Anyway, let's say that there might be a problem with this damn 4-pin connector, it may be obsolete, the TV Tunner may be old stuff , etc... But how am I to connect the sound cable of any TV Tuner card to this motherboard?

Thank you.
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  1. Your card supports two methods for connecting the audio out. The 4-pin method doesn't work for you so try the second method. The third connector down from the top of your Leadtek card is an audio out connector. Plug it into your mobos audio line-in (i.e. the blue connector).

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