Sata3 vs sas vs ssd

i am about to build a new system and want the fastest hard drive for the money. only need about 120 gbs because this is just for OS/apps. system i'm going to build will be

i7 920
6gb 2ghz ram
asus rampage series (not sure which one yet because of the hd IOs i will need)

been looking into a 15k sas, 10k sata 3, and ssd drives

i've heard good things about the intel x25 ssd in terms of reliability, but it's very costly (around $400 from what i've seen) are there any other ssds that are anywhere close to the intel?

thank you for any help
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  1. You could get the Corsair F120 SSD, it costs around 300$ and it's a lot faster than the Intel SSD, the Cheetah and the Velociraptor.
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