New video card, no system power. Please help.

I just installed a 512mb Gigabyte 9800gt into a system that was previously just using an on-board GPU. Its a brand new video card, was working perfectly fine for about 3 hours with the card installed nicely, then my pc just shut off unexpectedly.

If i slot in the 9800gt and plug in the 6-pin power cable from the PSU, then turn on the pc, absolutely nothing will happen, no power anywhere (sometimes the CPU fan will spin for a split second and power off again). If i unplug the 6-pin power cable but keep the video card in the pci-e slot it will boot up, but it takes a while for the monitor to display the boot process if i plug my monitor into the on-board GPU.

The pc works perfectly fine if i take the video card out completely and just use on-board.

What's gone wrong? :(
Please help!

PS: and yes i went through the checklist at

EDIT: imo this seems like a PSU issue, but then it wouldn't have lasted for those 3 hours if it was would it?
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  1. Well actually the PSU is the culprit was not able to handle ht 9800GT for was only able to handle it for abt 3HRs and gave up i think....So u shuld certainly look into the PSU oly....there is no other explanation...I
    t must ahve overheated because of the load and would have gone down...

    Get a gud quality powersupply atleast 400W for the 9800GT...
  2. Thanks gkay, i'll look into it.
  3. What PSU do you have? It certainly sounds like the PSU wasn't up to the task of powering the 9800GT.
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