Most simple, professional looking full tower case?

I'm looking for a real simple, professional full tower case with no crazy lights or design. Something very low-key a la Cooler Master 690. Thanks.
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  1. Budget?
  2. There are some very classy high end aluminum full tower cases with very clean lines in classic black. Here is an example:

    NOTE - You get to specify whether you want solid black panels or optional panels. Check the drop down options menus. Scroll down further and look at the additional images. You can also order additional hard drive cages. Hope you have a small fortune in the bank.
  3. Oh... didnt know if he wanted modded ones, those he meant right out of the factory.
  4. dragonfang18 - That really isn't a case mod. You simply get to specify what finish you want plus what panels you want from a limited list of options and the factory builds it for you.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I think I will be getting the Antec 1200 because it fits with my budget and I like the look.

    Question though: Are there any specific tools other than cable ties I'll need for cable management when I route the wires to the back?

  6. If your PSU is modular, cable management is really easy, because you dont need to keep unused wired in your case. you could use tape to keep bundles together with the zip ties, but other than what you mentioned no.
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