Limit on data transfer between HHDs in one session

When transferring date from an external HHD to an internal one, after about 70Gb it stops with a message that I have insufficient resources to complete the service.
The transfer if from a 1TB to a 1.5TB HDD and there is more than enough free space. If I turn off the computer and restart it transfers about another 70Gb and the sane thing happens. This goes on indefinitely.
I have 3GH RAM and my primary HDD is 150Gb of which about 68GB if free.
I read somewhere that when copying between HDDs the primary disk is used as temporary storage, but I cannot locate the article.
The HDD copied from is Linux ( from a Topfield PVR) and I am running Ext2 Volume Manager to read it.
Can anyone help?
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  1. What OS are you using - XP? Windows 7?

    I've never had any problems copying hundreds of GB between drives on XP or Windows 7. I'm suspecting the Ext2 Volume Manager might have a memory or handle leak...
  2. I am using XP SP3. Since my post, I have found that if I close Ext2 Volume Manager the problem ends, so it is that.
    Does anyone know how the problem can be overcome?
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