HD 4850 Temp problems with XCLIO windtunnel

Well I have owned my system for a little less than a year now and lately it seems like my Asus 4850 has been idling higher and higher as time passes. Right now at 65% fan speed it idles at 64 C. My case is a XCLIO windtunnel http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811103011&Tpk=xclio%20windtunnel. I do not have an aftermarket cooler and I bought the card about a week after they came out so I have the original cooler on it. Any suggestions? My case management isn't the best but is it alright that the only fan blowing is the 120mm one in the back? Or should I turn out one of the 250mm and see if there is any difference, as they both blow into the case?

Thanks for your suggestions.
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  1. Thats an interesting case. i was looking at it earlier today... Do those side fans create a lot of noise?

    For you card, you have the stock heatsink that blows the hot air our of the case, correct?
    Make sure that your heatsink is properly attached to the card. It had happe to me beffore on my old Nvidia 7800 that the heatsink did not have a proper heat spread between the GPU and the Heatsink so my idle temp was much higher than normal.
    I took the heatsink off and I applied some Atric Silver and I put it back on and it work like a charm. Also you might have a bunch of dust piled up in your heatsink so the airflow is lowered significantly. Get a can of compressed air and blow that heatsink clean. I do that on my CPU and GPU cooler at least four times per year.
  2. The problem is the horrible, inefficient reference cooler. It is NOT adequate for the 4850, no matter what anybody says. It just gets too damn hot and too loud.

    The problem with that card is its shooting the hot air out the side of the cooler right into the intake from one of those side fans, that cant be avoided even if you buy a new case, its a horrible cooler design on the video card. Switching just one of those fans to exhaust will just be counter productive as its going to make that second 250mm beside it worthless.

    About the only thing I can sugest is redoing the paste like euph says.
  3. Actually they are pretty silent and are only noticeable if your room is dead quiet. Even on the highest setting they stay at a barely audible hum. The heatsink that i have is this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121253R. Ill try doing both, thanks Euphoria for the quick reply.
  4. Thank you guys for the help. I cleaned the heatsink of dust and reseated the heatsink and The temps went from idle 65% fanspeed 65 C and load 100% fanspeed 80-90 C to idle 55% fanspeed 45 C and load 75% fanspeed 57 C. Thanks again!
  5. No problem. Have fun with it! :)

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