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I have the p5n-e sli with a 2.33 GHZ core 2 duo cpu.I installed the E8400 3 GHZ and it would not boot, message said something about the cmos.I fallowed the instructions on flashing the cmos and the pc sees 3 GHZ on boot but will not boot. could use help getting the 3gig cpu working on this mobo
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  1. It's possible your new processor requires more power than your power supply can provide? What is your current PSU?
  2. Is your BIOS updated? The e8400 wasn't even around when your motherboard was originally built, if you haven't updated, your motherboard won't properly support the CPU.

    Go here http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us and fill in the blanks, select your OS, and then look over the BIOS updates. There's one for that mobo dated 4/28/2009, so odds are you don't have the most up-to-date version on your system.
  3. could be the psu..
  4. ^
    I'd check the BIOS first. I would think it would at least boot to the OS. The PSU tends to crap out on high loads.
  5. I hope not the power I had just installed a 750watt unit.as for the bios should I use the windows update or the dos as instructed in my manual,I dont have a floppy drive for the dos update
  6. you don't need a floppy drive to update your bios. follow the instructions. it is very easy
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