Accidentally reboot while formatting

I bought a new WD sata hard disk and was formatting it using quick formatting for windows xp. I accidentally rebooted the machine and now when I try to install xp, it says the hard disk has error. how do I "reset" the hard disk.
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  1. Hi,

    Another followup question for once I fix my damn new Hard disk. I bought an adapther where I stick it onto the SATA harddisk and I can plug in the power and IDE cable. I'm using an old motherboard ASUS P4VP-MX.

    So everything was fine, I was formatting it (normal).. but at the end it always give me an error saying that formatting failed. (Thats when I got itchy fingers and reboot it when i tried quick format and it was stuck there forever)

    And by the way.. it says formatting under IRQ 0 bla bla bla all 0's .. i'm guessing thats bad and my motherboard BIOS doesnt support it?
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