Motherboard biostar mcp6p m2+

i have motherboard biostar model mcp6p m2+ ver6.2 that after boot and detect cpu,ram and h.d.d or drive appear this text:
Media shield rom bios 6.70
copyright (c)2006 NVIDIA Corp.
Detecting array......
after that text don't boot from h.d.d or drive and stop .
i can't reset with k.b .
i program bios with programer but don't repair.
please help me
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  1. You don't know what to do but you reprogrammed Bios for no reason ?
    Are you able to get into Bios ?
    If yes get into Bios (Del, Esc, F2, F10, etc...whichever), go to the boot menu and swap it so it boots from HD first (or CD/DVD as desired). It seems it wants to read from SATA with no SATA drive, set your drives to SATA mode if no IDE drive in system. Make sure your drive is recognized in Bios, save on exit and restart.
    If not it could be a bad Bios chip.
    If Bios chip was replaced by Manufacturer (Biostar), you need to RMA motherboard.
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