Need to replace my DVD drive - help please!

My current DVD-ROM is a Lite-On DVDRW LH-18A1P. However I've been having problems with it and as DVD-RW drives are so cheap, want to replace it.

My main issue is that it doesn't read DVDs very well, for example I recently purchased Mass Effect 2, and my DVD drive wouldn't read Disc 1, though it would read Disc 2.

There was no issue with the disk as I tried it on another pc without any issues. I've had issues before with it struggling or failing to read game disks that are absolutely fine on other machines.

My only criteria for a replacement (other than that it is of decent quality and reads disks well) is that it is black, so it matches the colour of my case. I've never had any reason to burn anything to DVD, so I'm not bothered by how good it is at writing to DVD.

Please could someone recommend a decent drive as a replacement? I'm keen to start playing Mass Effect 2 asap!!!
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  1. Should have added that although I don't burn to DVD, I do occasionally burn music onto CD (but not very often)
  2. Here is a simple newegg product search for what you want. I'm assuming that you nead a sata interface. Pick one with good reviews and free shipping.
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