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Here’s the thing. I plan on upgrading this summer and am flipping between the i7 and AM3. Both have advantages over the other and I don’t have any fanboy preference for either. Currently I have a FX-60 so any upgrade is going to be a large increase in performance. Mostly what I plan on doing is gaming, watching DVDs and surfing the web. As far as the gaming goes I’m usually into Flight Sims so I know these can be more CPU intensive applications making the i7 is more attractive there but just out of sheer price the AM3 rig is also attractive. I can afford both so long as I don’t go overboard. I plan on running a dual boot system, XP 32 on one partition and either vista or W7 on the other. On the XP partition I’m using it to run some older games that I play quite often, Medal of Honor AA/SH and COD1/UO. I already know the specific drivers that these will run with the planned GPU so my question is this.

Does anyone know personally if either AM3 or i7 CPU’s run these games?

Before I get flamed for this question here’s why I ask. My FX-60 had to have the dual core optimizer installed to fully run these games without any problems, i.e. weird happenings such as not being able to finish objectives and in some of the firefights friendly or enemy units that got hit would just stand there with their arms out kind of similar to how they look when mapping along with other weird occurrences.

Has AMD fixed this with the new CPU’s and no longer need an optimizer for single threaded games? I haven’t seen on their website any optimizer so not sure there.

I also swear I read an article when the i7 was just released that the architecture of the i7 CPU’s are not compatible with older game engines, specifically the quake 3 engine. Anyone know if this is true? I have searched and searched on yahoo and google and can’t find anything regarding that issue.

I am kind of leaning toward the i7 route but either one is fine. As much as I want to go forward there are still some older games that I want to continue to enjoy, I’m sure there are many here as well that have that one old classic they enjoy playing from time to time.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Actually "optimizer" is a misnomer; it was used to basically synchronize the different cores because Windows XP wasn't really designed for multiple core chips.

    XP was initially released when everyone had single core chips; they hadn't really planned on desktop users having more than one core. At the time only XP PRO would support more than one CPU. (I built a dual CPU machine; I had to pay the extra to buy PRO.) If I remember correctly at first XP Home wouldn't even support the earliest dual core chips.

    BTW: Vista and Windows 7 don't need to have this; it is built in to the OS.
  2. Hello there,
    I have an I7 system running Vista64 and recently loaded MOHAA and at first it would not run except in safe mode. I have a 22" monitor and was attempting to run at 1600x1200 and kept getting an opengl error. Tried loading in compatability mode, loaded nhancer etc. but the same problem. Eventually found buried a read me that the game will not handle that resolution and dropped to the next level ( 1150x something) and now runs very well with everything turned up.

    I7 920
    asus p6t
    nvidia 260 216 core
    6gb ram
  3. Thanks guys for the replies, looks like I'm upgrading to an i7 rig which should make for some nice eye candy in the newer flight sims. Wolfey, since you ran MOH:AA on a GTX260 can I ask what drivers you are using?

    according to my device manager info
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