Mixing Dimm and Simm in Dual Channel Mode

I was working on my factory made computer and tried to flash my bios. lets just say something went wrong and now my computer wont come on. So i ordered a Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H MoBo with AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 7850, 2.80GHz (black edition). I am really wanting to use some of my old parts. I currently have 2-2gb 667mhz double sided OCZ chips, and 2-1gb 800mhz single sided chips, I have researched alot and found out that without taking the dimm/simm thing into consideration, it would be ok to run these in dual channel mode as long as i put the two matching chips in the correct ram banks (example 2 2gb in 1 and 3, and 2 1 gb in bank 2 and 4) but does it matter that 2 are double sided and 2 are single sided, and also i know they are all gonna run at 667mhz, im ok with that, just as long as its stable, can someone please shed some light on this situation?
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  1. I wouldnt waste time trying to use all four as in my experience it wouldnt ever be stable.

    Mixing different RAM sizes, specs and brands is a recipe for headaches.

    I would suggest sticking with the two OCZ 2GB Dimms in dual channel mode as 4GB is plenty for most people.
  2. anyone else got some advice?
  3. also i just came up with another question to add onto my orig ?? neway the timings on the ocz 2gb chips is 5-5-5-15 and 1.8v, if i cant use my simm chips and i end up buying more, i cant seem to find those exact ocz chips, so i need to buy more that the timing is 5-5-5-15 or does that matter since they are going in different banks anyway? does that make since? i am pretty new to all this memory stuff.
  4. Unless you are planning on using a 64 bit operating system anything larger than 4 GB is wasted. Stick to the OCZ sticks.
  5. i am using windows vista professional 64bit, everyone else, unless your answering my question, (i dont mean to be rude), please dont comment on what i should do. thank you.
  6. i think i may have been using dimm and simm in the wrong way, but still my question stands, can i use 2 dual sided chips and 2 single sided chips in dual channel mode? has anyone ever experimented with this?
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