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Hi all,

I have a k9ag - neo2 digital mobo (msi), 4gb of ram and an amd 6000+. an ideas on what vga i could purchase for this system to be able to run vista and maybe the latest games with directx 10?

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  1. hi...as for suggestions, there are many...first of all give us the budget u r willing to spend and ur Power supply info, cos it will decide whether it can handle high power graphic cards...
  2. im willing to go for a mid range card trying to lengthen the life span of my pc.....its a tagan 440W, with pci express power cables
  3. ohh... then get the ATI 4830 or the 4850...both the cards are very gud...wat resolutions do u play at???
  4. u shuld get a 4830 for abt $90 and 4850 for abt $130...
  5. right now 1280 * 800, my worry is that if the card has pci express gen 2.0 will it be compatible with my mobo? i think mine is still pci gen 1.0
  6. But if u really want to extend ur PC lifespan, then u can get an AMD 790GX motherboard, which supprts ur 6000+ as well as can support the latest Phenom II processors...
    The motherboard has very gud onboard graphics, which can easily handle Vista as well as play DirectX 10 games at somewat low resolutions as well...

    So u can upgrade ur mobo w, later when u have cash , u can upgrade to a seperate VGA card, processor...Well this is just an idea though...

    But if u want to stick wit seperate VGA cards, then choose any one I have listed, they both are gud...
  7. Well no problem wit tat...it will be compatible but will nt work at full speed...but u wont notice much of difference...
  8. ill check on that mobo, thanks for the info
  9. Gkay, I believe the word you are seeking is "good," meaning positive, beneficial, advantageous.

    @OP, I am not familiar with the quality of your PSU. Given that ATI recommends a 450W PSU for a 4850, your safest option is probably the 4830. How many amps does your PSU have on its +12V rail(s)? This should be on its label.
    Are you planning to get a new monitor any time soon? 1280x800 is a pretty low resolution. Is that a 15" widescreen? Twenty-two inch widescreen monitors are usually 1680x1050. If you aren't going to upgrade, then drop down to a 4670 or nVidia 9600GT.
  10. hi jtt283 - its 28A on +12V and the model to be correct is tg480-u01 (480w)
  11. I didn't find any competent technical reviews of it, but it doesn't look too bad either.
  12. well i never had any porblems, but its has those 3/4years on it so its not the latest models. my final choice was an ati 4670 1gb.
  13. Oh, well you should be fine then.
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