Gigabyte x58A UD7 overlocking


I am new to this whole overclocking business and I was wondering if people more experienced with this motherboard can help me : ).

I overclocked my i7 930 to 3.5 Ghz, (166Mhz x 21) @ 1.08 V according to CPU-z
is this ok?. Because I have the green + yellow LED lights turned on near the cpu and I am a little worried :P and the manual is pretty vague on what the LEDs mean. The yellow light goes away when I turn on XMP memory profile but I get a BSOD when Oc'ed to 3.5ghz.

Finally how can I manually adjust DRAM voltage from the BIOS? can't find anything in the manual.

any help would be great
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  1. Just an update. I managed to increase my DRAM volt to 1.64 and this made the yellow LED turn off. I also did some Prime95 tests and everything seemed fine. My temps with the stock fan are 39C idle and 70C during the test which is the same as when it was on stock speed.

    So my question now is it fine running the CPU @ 1.08V? becasue at stock the Vcore volt was set to 1.26V.
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