Problem installing epson printer on HP desktop-Windows XP

I tried to install the printer drivers for Epson Artisan 800 to my HP desktop computer. I have Windows XP operating system. The drivers seem to install but then I get an error message "printer driver cannot be installed". Is this a Windows XP issue?
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  1. is this a brand new printer or did you have it working on winxp before?

    is your printer drivers for windows xp or win7?
  2. It was working in WinXP before. The printer drivers I downloaded were for WinXP.
  3. Ok, I will assume it's 32-bit winxp.

    Here's the link to their driver page:
    Epson Artisan 800 Drivers

    Now looking at the choices available you need:
    - epson config utility v3.7.0
    - Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.44A
    - Printer Driver v6.63
    - Drivers and Utilities Combo Package - epson13282.exe

    Which one did you have?
  4. Yes, 32 bit winXP. Drivers and Utilities Combo Package epson13329.exe (this was what Epson support chose for me to download).
  5. epson13329.exe is the drivers for win7
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