I have a E6600 cpu + GTX 280 + 6gig of DDR2 low timing ram. I can't upgrade to a better cpu but need better performance for Starcraft 2.
So I need suggestions. I have a MSI 975x Powerup Edition - 775 socket. Stock cooler, and a P180 Antec case.
I want to OC to about 3.2Ghz. Need suggestions on what I need to do for a stable system. I have never overclocked before and do not think watercooling is a viable option. For me stability is above all else, but at the same time if an OC can get me the performance that I'm looking for then I could keep my system as is for another year or two. Please help.
My concerns are overheating. I would like to get a cpu cooler that is not too much of a hassle. I've looked into the H50 and H70s. The problem with these are that the H50 doesn't seem to perform that well, and the H70 is ~$150, which is not worh it to me. Over then these two options, I"ve ruled out water cooling. So I need a great fan, reliable, high performance, and not too expensive.
What I am not sure of is which fan, and if there are anything else I need to be concerned about. right now my cpu is running about 55C under load and my system (chipset) temp are around the same. I was wondering if I need to be concerned about the chipset temps, or ram temps. I really want a reliable system. Please help.
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  1. H50 (water),




    Just to name a few. :)

    Whats your budget? and you want to cool just your processor or everything? (watercooling)
  2. H50 is a Low Cost Liquid cooling and it should work fine up to 3.5Ghz. No maintenance require. So 3.2Ghz that you're aiming for won't be a problem to reach.

    I'm using H50 for my E6600 system. Running at 3.4Ghz / 33C idle / 47~50C load

    Configuration is Push n Pull (you will need additional 120mm fan + 4x [6-32 x 1 1/4] screws. Room Temp around 23~25C.

    If you live near a retail stores that sell one I suggest you try it out. Like Bestbuy or something they do have 14days return policy. Just say it doesn't work or something and get your money back. (because it really doesn't work as you would like it to be lol)

    Price usually $79? I've seen it goes on sale for $49.
  3. I've overclocked my E6600 to 3GHz, and against some people's advise I'm still using the stock cooler. It hasn't had a hiccup yet for the last two days (prime and orthos tested) and the performance increase in Starcraft is quite noticeable. I keep my case nice and clean and I have two fans on my Antec P180 right above and behind the cpu. All seems well.

    Now I just need some advise. I've picked out a couple of coolers that I'm interested in. But I want to know which heatsink will fit on my motherboard:

    That is my mb. I do not have large hit sinks sitting anywhere near my cpu. I want to know how much room I have to spare. I guess my main concern is which coolers will cover the caps on my mb. Tuniq 120, Antec Kuhler, and Corsair H50 and A50 have crossed my mine.
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