Spinpoint f4, 4k format?

Today I ordered up a Samsung Spinpoint F4, as my older Raptor is having issues. I could not find definitively that it was an "advanced 4k sector format" drive. I think it is and am hoping it is. Can someone chime in on this?

Secondly, I have a bit of a dilemma. I ordered Windows 7. My old hard drive has XP and I am abandoning it. I read that XP and 4k drives don't necessarily play well with each other. My Raptor doesn't like to start up very often and when it does, it doesn't stay running very often. So, if I manage to get it going, do I want to format the new drive (if it is in fact a 4k) using XP. Might this make it act weird or somehow "mess it up"? I do have a storage drive that I am thinking of loading W7 on, removing the old drive, formatting the Spinpoint, putting W7 on that and then removing from the storage drive. But this seems like a big runaround. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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