Antec 1200 - Can I hook ALL of the fans together with one 4 pin molex?

Hello everyone. I just bought an Antec 1200, and noticed that each fan hook up (i believe they are 4 pin molex) has a male side and a female side to it. My power supply is modular (Sigma Monster 850W Crossfire supported) and I was wondering if it is possible to hook one of my molex's from the power supply up to all of the fans together? Here is what I mean -

(PSU Molex)Male -> Female(Fan Molex)Male -> Female(Fan Molex)Male -> Female(Fan Molex)Male -> Female(Fan Molex)Male -> and so on, until they are all hooked up....

Now if someone with experience with this could tell me it would be great because it's pointless to have a modular power supply if I'm still using ALL of the cables (which I am). I would use a lot less cables if I could hook all of the fans into ONE molex. But, this could cause some problems, like a short or something. I appreciate the help everyone!!
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    Yes you can do this however I would recommend not connecting the molex to anything but the fans. I run an Antec 1200 with a Thermaltake Toughpower 750watt Modular PSU. I dont have any IDE devices in my case so had no need to use the molex connectors for anything but my cases fans. I only used one cable connected to my PSU and have all my fans running. 4 fans is still going to draw less power then most IDE devices so as long as you dont plug anything else into the connection you shouldn't risk shorting anything out.
  2. Yes you can - without any problems.
  3. definately not a problem.
  4. I have a 900 - 4 fans. All together, even on HIGH, they pull less than 1 amp.
  5. Thank you so much everyone you are lifesavers!! I will definitely hook them all up to one molex. This will save some extra space as I have 3 different molex cables attached now; which I won't need anymore. Thanks again!!
  6. Also, if you all could tell me one more thing while we here.. I have a Phenom II 955 BE processor, and was wondering about the heatsink and if it matters which side the handle for the locking mechanism latches down on. The bracket or bracer(on the motherboard, around the socket) that it attaches to has two little hooks on each side. Does it matter if the locking mechanism is attached to a certain one of these hooks, or are they exactly the same in every way? I have a Zalman 9900 LED heatsink/fan. I am a first time system builder so I'm trying to get some things right, and then I have to configure the DRAM settings and timings in the BIOS - which I'm totally clueless about! Again, everyone, I thank you for the assistance! :)
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