RaidXpert.exe using too much Ram?


I created my first RAID 0 array a couple months back.
The array was created on an AMD SB750 Southbridge previously and then carried over to a new motherboard with a SB850 Southbridge.

The problem that comes up is that RaidXpert.exe is using up over 1GB of Ram when I download. I'm downloading about 600-700KB/s.
This seems very high.

Even after I pause the downloads it usually doesn't drop down all that much; like it's varying the amount of RAM it should, but still using up a bunch extra.

I don't remember it using up ram the same way on my previous board, but it may have.

I have tried reinstalling the RAIDXpert application straight from AMD.

Any tips, suggestions, or explanations as to why it's running using as much RAM as it is?
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  1. im having the same issue. i have a raid 5, 8gb of system ram with 1gb used in raidXpert.exe alone.

    kinda bs if you ask me.

    I checked my raid in bios and on raidxpert - both are functional, all drives fine - i have 3 WD RE3 Server drivers, and its never had a hiccup. i fc'd the program one time before, and the only thing that closed was the website/server.

    I think it may be a memory leak, and possibly only limited to 64 bit systems.

    Please let me know if you fine anything else out.

    I'm going to try to reinstall again.

    Latest version on the website says 8/25/2010

  2. Yeah, I had times where it was easily using a gig and a half of RAM.

    I'm running on a 32-bit system.

    In bios, everything checks out. That's what my guess was: memory leak, but I'm surprised more people don't have the problem.

    Have you noticed when it happens? More specifically: I've noticed it only happens after I am downloading a large file or a large amount of data. After it finishes, the process drops a couple MBs like it should, but the process keeps over a GB still in use.
    Doesn't seem right at all.

    I've updated raidXpert.exe and I've flashed my bios.
    Has not seemed to change much. I installed some more RAM, 2GB->3GB, so I have more headroom now and things don't slow down as bad, but it's still unacceptable.
  3. Weird. I usually play a lot of games on the rig where its 700+MB

    i have had many machines with the amd software installed, and this is the first i have seen of this magnitude.

    did you notice if the % of usage jumped when you added ram?

    i wish there were some more concrete answers to this issue.
  4. No, it has stayed at about 1-1.5 Gigs whether or not there was more RAM.

    Yeah, same here. I really can't find any answers.
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