DVD fails to be recognized in windows 7 or BIOS

Hello, i have been trying for over a year to get ANY dvd drive to get working on this computer i have tried to change IDE cables, dvd drives but nothing seems to work. I just want to install windows 7 back on this computer but nothing works. Could this be a motherboard problem?
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  1. So lets see... the dvd drive have you set it master? cs?
  2. uh well i had a cable with 2 connector things on it so i tried the first one and i finally got the bios to see it as the master slave. the other one didn't detect at all. how do i set my drive to master

    edit: so i got it to be recognized in windows (still in master slave i guess) but it still will not work booting cd's and it wont read anything or write anything it gives me this:

    or this:

    if i go to the device manager this is what it shows:

    what is going on ....
  3. We are making progress... it looks like that drive is bad... lets try anouther dvd drive.
  4. i have tried 4 different dvd drives all of which worked on the original computer they were on but when i plug it in mine i get the same errors every single time
  5. Perhaps the disc is bad...?
  6. tried all kinds of discs. games, music , programs, OS cd's nothing works

    edit: oh and by the way before someone asks yes this problem still occurred before i got magicdisc so that cant be the problem
  7. First, delete the upper and lower filters.

    If that doesn't fix it, run this Fixit scan.
  8. aford10 said:
    First, delete the upper and lower filters.

    If that doesn't fix it, run this Fixit scan.

    did you said and still my dvd drive wont work. the fixit scan said that my dvd drive cannot burn cd's or dvds which does not make any sense since the cd drive i have in right now can do everything.
  9. Go to the device manager, right click on the drive, uninstall it, then restart the PC. It will reinstall on restart.
  10. ok restarted computer and it installed as the same garbled up name as the picture above. go to the computer and it still says cd drive (F:) and says the same 2 errors as above

    is there somthing that could be wrong with like the motherboard because the bios still wont read the drive or let me choose to boot from it.
  11. It's time to see if there is a firmware update. Check the manufacturer's website.
  12. umm of what my dvd drive? i do not think its that because this happend with any drive i put in and they all worked on other computers... but i will anyway

    edit: well i cant find anything and my system info says the manufacture is (Standard cd rom drives) but i know that the one i have in right now is some kind of Atapi ide dvd drive.
  13. If a firmware update doesn't help, you can try using restore points to roll back to when it did work.
  14. i am pretty sure the issue is not software related and as i said before this happend like a year ago and i actually still was able to install windows 7 and windows xp but even after fresh installs dvd drives never work on my computer now. i am pretty sure its hardware related.
  15. Was there any firmware update?

    Have you tried SATA drives as well?
  16. There was no firmware updates i could find. I dont think i have any SATA drives to try. What may be the problem though with my ide ones
  17. It could be a failing IDE port, or controller. Testing with a SATA drive would be a good next step.
  18. ok so where do SATA drives plug in like is that where like hardrives go or what.
  19. You should see ports on your motherboard that look similar to this.

    If you haven't used SATA devices before, the main bonus, is there aren't jumpers or cable positions to deal with.
  20. ok i will probably have to wait a bit so i can get money to try out a SATA dvd drive.
  21. If you have a buddy who has a newer PC, you can ask to borrow it to test it.

    You'll need to make sure SATA is enabled in the BIOS.
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