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Yo there , Im thinking of make me and AMD based system, but I whish to hear some comments about it. Im meaning some lowend, med and high end configurations based on pure AMDs [micros/mobo/memory(?)]]. Im focused mainly in get my code compiled asap, moving high volumes of stuff, virtualization, emulation of electronics and some audio/video play, and the less latency possible.
Thanks to all !!!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. *runs for cover*
  2. OK, rule #1 in hardware when selecting anything - dont be selective on brands (eg Intel, Nvidia ATi, AMD etc) - there all good, but some are poor for your $$$ when another can offer a much better deal (eg 10% less performance vs 30% cheaper etc) - no company will look out for you, so dont bother looking out for them etc.

    General Rules for processors:
    Intels i7's are faster and expensive
    AMD Phenom II's are a better "bang for the buck" in most cases
    Intel Core 2 Quads are kinds scary as there nearing end of life
    Intel Core 2 Duo's are dual core - *OLD TECH*
    AMD Phenom's are rubbish

    and so on

    as for the rest of the system - go an ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard with an Intel or ATi chipset (the rest are rubbish), branded ram, WD or Seagate HDD (newer firmware, not ~SD15), branded PSU etc and you should be right - there the main rules to a good system.
  3. My god... somebody with an "AMD PWND" avatar has made the most intelligant post I've seen all day...

    He pretty much summed it all up, but I'll add my two cents. ASUS and Gigabyte are of course good, but eVGA makes good boards if you have your heart set on SLi, not that I'd recommend it. They're X58 boards are some of the best, as well. MSI is good twom, Foxconn is alright.

    OCZ, Corsair, Crucial and Patriot make the best memory, but don't pay too much premium for so-called 'high-end' stuff. Get the cheapest memory in the speed catagory you're looking for that isn't no-name or requires more than 2.1V, especially if you're running a cheap motherboard.

    Corsair, OCZ and PC Power and Cooling make the best power supplies.

    XFX, ASUS and eVGA make the best nvidia cards, XFX, ASUS, Sapphire, MSI and HIS make the best ATI cards.

    CPUs I'd recommend, based on budget, would be

    Pm e5200 < Ph2 720 (DDR2) < Ph2 940 < Ph2 955 (DDR3) < i7 920, any more than that and you're pissing money.

    Look for HD4770s, HD4850s, HD4870s, or GTX260 Core 216s, and GTX 275s.
  4. Quote:
    Amd = Meant for low end builds. If you're going to spend some coin the I7 is the way to go.

    By that logic every computer except one built around the I7 must be "low end"
  5. High-end = the correct parts for whatever you're using it for.

    for instance a low-end gaming PC would consist of a 7750 BE or a E5200 with a 4870 since they're so cheap these days.

    a mid end gaming PC would be a 720 BE with a 4870 X2 (You can build something like that for about £600)

    a high-end gaming PC would be an i7 with a couple of 4890's or GTX 285's.

    and so on
  6. Thanks to apache_lives,smithereen,PsychoSaysDie,loneninja,zipzoomflyhigh and Helloworld_98 all are valuable info/ Im taking note on the data provided.
    Im gonna add my 2 cents:
    Im choosing amd , because for my needs, it fits very well, lets put it on the table, as zipzoomflyhigh says , not the very expensive or the faster the micro runs uts the better. Perhaps in windows and using for gamimg or tasking not especific, the OS and hardware will run the best. But as far as I know the point where I know amd its best [once again to my needs]
    its the direct memory management [at least] and the native 64 bits design [as far as I know intel only implements an extension not native]; more explicit perhaps intel has the ht and the faster quads, but it doesnt mean they are optimized, I ve seen in other posts that says the use of more than 1 of the 4 its minimal,, then whats the use of expend your cents in it?

    When you compile your system [yeah Im half freak!] and makes able to use the extra cores then its ok; then why to make such a fuss to intels? well when you are coding and make your instructions based on the wide 64 instead of 32 make your code run faster and managing more data in less time. ie.;

    But, I have asked something and get info. Thats the most I apreciated. I have know the choice to use one or another . So to all Thanks
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