Disk read error occurred?

Hello everyone,

Earlier today while I was playing a PC game, everything completely froze up, and after a few moments, my computer restarted itself. However, after it was restarted, an error came up saying "A disk read error has occurred. Press ALT-CTRL-DEL to restart." The first few times I tried the key combinations, my computer would restart and bring me back to the exact same error. On the third or fourth time I tried, the computer restarted, and booted up as it normally would. After my computer successfully restarted, I ran the "Check Disk" utility on my C: drive. I have two HDD's, a seagate 80GB, which has the windows installation, and a Western Digital 1TB, which holds pretty much everything non windows related, like games. I'd like to know if there is something wrong with one or both of my hard drives, and what I should do about it. I've had my PC (it was custom built) for quite awhile, and this is the first time this error has come up.

If you need additional specs or something, feel free to ask.

Thank you for taking the time to answer!
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  1. Dieing hdd? dload hd tune, or tune pro and post the SMART values.
  2. I think my hdd simply died, cause now i can't boot up to windows startup at all. Before this, my 80gb made some loud grinding noises.
  3. That were last hiccups my friend. R.I.P ye old Seagate 80gB.

    You made me proud, made me go through hard time. Kept my secrets, Helped me find the world. LOVE forever.

    you would not be missed though :p. 'SSD's'
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