Q6600 alternative?

I recently built myself a rig with a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R, some G-SKILL memory, and a Q6600. It runs great!
My friend is wanting to build him a new machine from the ground up with a budge of $800. I thought he could get the same components I did and have plenty of cash in his budget to get a nice machine. I was able to secure the same motherboard, but the q6600 is no longer available on newegg. My question is what would be a good alternative?

Also whats a good graphics card to get within his budget? He does want to use it for games. I have a GTX8800. I don't know what they run now but I paid over 600 for mine (when they first came out). What should he get?

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  1. Q9450 / 9550 / 9650 - 45nm replacement (Yorky) for the 65nm Q6 series quad you have ... runs a bit cooler and has a slightly higher IPC.

    HD4850 or the new 40nm 4770 which has a narrower bus but clocks well and runs cooler and uses less power.
  2. You could look into the AMD Phenom II 940...

    It's a bit faster than the Q6600, and an excellent choice. As for GPU? Look into the HD4000 series - the 4850 is faster than your 8800GTX, and yet it only costs $130 or so right now.
  3. I have both a Q6600 and Phenom II 940 in two different computers. Both are great cpu's but I'm going to sell my Q6600 and buy another Phenom II 940.

    I recently bought a 940 BE on ebay for a decent price - £150 after tax + free delivery - and I checked out the second hand market for Q6600's and the prices were pretty incredible. I bought my Q6600 brand new over a year ago for £123 and they are selling for £140+ now.

    I can sell my Q6600 and midrange IP35 mobo and buy a brand new Phenom II 940 with midrange AM2+ mobo for almost the same cost. The Q6600 is the most amazing cpu I've ever had and whoever buys it will be getting a great cpu, but it can't match the Phenom II 940 at the same price.
  4. jennyh said:
    The Q6600 is the most amazing cpu I've ever had and whoever buys it will be getting a great cpu, ...

    Yes. It will probably go down in Intel history along side the 300A Celeron.
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