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I am in the process of building a new system (thinking about it). The system will primarily be used for photo editing (Photoshop Elements) and video editing (Premier Elements), I have kids so games aren't a big thing for me - except FS9 and maybe I will get FSX one of these days.

Here is what I have selected so far:

GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel - $119
SAPPHIRE 100265L Radeon HD 4830 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 - $99
Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W ATX 12V 2.0 Power Supply - $49
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz LGA 775 95W - $189
OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) - $42
Total Price: $501.95

I plan to use my current case, HDDs and DVD burner out of my previous system build. Also, my 32bit Vista Home Premium is retail so no need to repurchase that. However, can I literally just drop the current hard drive with Vista in the system or do I need to reinstall. I know either way I will likely need to call MS and re-activate. I would prefer waiting to do a clean install until Windows 7 and then I'll go through the pain of a reinstalling all my programs.

Thoughts? Also, is this too much for what I plan to use this computer for? Would it make sense to get a cheaper dual Core 2 Duo and when the quads reduce in price, upgrade the CPU down the road?

Thank you.
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  1. A quad will make a huge difference in FSX.

    Good choices in general, for that budget.

    I'd reinstall Windows. If you don't, you'll keep having trouble because all sorts of config files and registry entries and drivers will be appropriate for the old hardware instead of the new hardware.
  2. I didn't think of all the config files and registry entries. Thanks for the advice. I just wish the Q8300 would drop in price but since Intel just dropped prices last month, I don't expect another for a while.
  3. Yeah, I only expect another cut from Intel in July, not earlier.

    If you want, there's a combo at Newegg for $333, Phenom II 940 + GA-MA790GP-DS4H. It's a faster CPU than the Q8300 and the motherboard has more features than the GA-EP45-UD3R. It even has Crossfire.

    There's also a combo with that CPU and a GA-MA78G-DS3HP. for $285.
  4. #1. for what you want to do. i do not know what your budget is #1 the p6t6 ws revolution motherboard.$350.#2 next 2 radeon 4850 or 2 4870 in crossfire or sli tech.#3 the powersuppy no less than 850w #4 memory no less than 6gb. go crucial it is the most stable memory out there #5 intel i7 920 or 940. if you want to do you say this is just one or the most revolution motherboard out there. about $1200.
  5. budget is pretty tight (kids and all) so I can't go to much further than the original amount.

    aevm - I'll looking into the P II 940. I'm not tied to Intel just that all my previous builds have been Intel and feel a bit more comfortable with it. Though the new Phenom's do look interesting... Question: If I go the AMD route, does this motherboard allow future upgrading to upcoming AMD chips? Or is the new processor just backward compatible for current AMD users?

    Thank you!
  6. AMD promises that the GA-MA790GP-DS4H and the GA-MA78G-DS3HP will support its future AM3 CPUs.


    Supports next generation of 45nm AMD Socket AM3 processors
    This motherboard supports the upcoming 45nm AMD AM3 Phenom™II series processors, delivering the great performance enchantment to system and ultimate scalability hardware expending.

    I personally believe them, but I'm almost sure it will require a BIOS update.

    The Intel path: they have already released a series called Core i7 that isn't compatible with the P45 motherboards. It uses a different socket with 1366 pins and wider than the LGA 775, so there's no BIOS update that could possibly make them compatible. If you get the Q8300, your upgrade path is to wait a year or two until the Q9650 is around $200 or so, and then upgrade the CPU.

    There's also the option of buying a Core i7 920 and an X58 board and 3 or 6 GB of DDR3. However, that's expensive (about $700 or $800 for CPU/MB/RAM). No idea what kind of upgrade path this version has. I'm hoping Intel will stick with LGA 1366 for 2009 at least.
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