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yeah i just installed a new heatsink last night on a intel dual core due e8500 wolfdale 3.16ghz in the the 530 the heatsink was a it was very easy and being the 1st time i ever did something like that i had no problems my cpu temp stays at 37c idle and never go over 50c top i seen was 48c running under 2 orthos programs and when i ran them im sure the artic silver 5 had not fully cured so it was a simple job just had to remove the mobo.... i also installed while i had the mobo out and a evga 9600gt after i reinstalled the mobo now vista score is up to 5.7 which is the cpu being the lowest score but back to the point.... i am having the a problem with the temp1 being a 85c i belive there is no sensor for that reading and speedfan and CPIID hardware moniter are just giving a false readout i was playing cod4 and codwaw all night with no problem so idk but if anyone can give some good info on this i would like to read it... no fan problems cause its nothing... NOTHING to do with the fans all temps are fine besides the 85c on temp1 with i belive is the mobo but i felt the mobo after a power down and it sure didnt feel 85c (184F) if so i could prolly cook a egg on it haha.
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  1. i have looked into this problem and it seems alot of people have this problem with there dell inspiron 530 after a better cpu upgrade or hdd upgrades but i wonder if it could be my power supply im using a 450vx corsair and im pretty sure all them components are pulling alot of juice but idk im kinda stumped cant really find anything that SOLVES the problem i also have a temp that -63c is that normal? i belive its a mobo temp also cause there are three temps... temp1 85c temp2 34-38c and temp3 -68c and there all listed under the same "chip" on speedfan but yeah the board is a dell modifyed foxconn g33m o yeah i have another question would it be possible to upgrade my dell modifyed mobo to the original foconn g33m board so i can OC with BIOS in the dell 530 case?
  2. any help anyone? i know someone on here has to know something about atleast one of the questions i asked
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