I'm a knucklehead when it comes to this stuff...

... but I have a Dell Vostro 200 that I'm using as my internet computer (3 gig RAM). I want to upgrade the video card from the stock card to something that will allow me to run a DVI to HDMI cable from the card to my Sharp LC-32D6U LCD TV so that my wife and I can watch YouTube videos and Hulu video content, etc., on the big screen. What video crad would you recommend that won't blow-up the Vostro 200's 300W PSU? I play games on my Xbox 360, so don't need the card for that. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Probably a 7600GT, 8600GT, 7800GT, 7950, or a 9600. (worst to best)

    I'm not sure what the ATI equivalent are...
  2. X1650 X1900 pro X1950XT 2600XT HD4670 worse to best
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