Which is the best of these 3 deals?

So I have three options within my budget that seem to do well in the ratings I've seen but I don't know if it's worth the $$$. Tell me what you think about these three:

9800 GTX+ 512MB for $105
Radeon 4870 512MB for $135
Radeon 4870 1GB for $175

I found decent deals so all three of these are probably good prices for what they are but which is the BEST deal?

By the way, I'm saving money on the motherboard that I'm getting too. It's the Gigabyte EP45-DS3L, if that matters.
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  1. they are all good but the order is this 4870 1gb> 4870 512mb> 9800gtx+ if you are playing at 1680 x 1050 or lower the 9800 will do
  2. i would go for the 4870 1GB... i have the Sapphire one and it's great, no need to OC it either, it runs just fine out of the box :)
  3. The GTX + is a great deal at that price and performs pretty close to the 4870 (even identical IN certian games).
    Really I would go with the 9800gtx+ at that price, unless you game at 1900x1200 in which case the 4870 1GB is what I would get.

    For the 35 dollar difference there is not enough performance difference for me to jump to the 512mb 4870
  4. I would go for the 4870 512, The 9800GTX+ is about on par with the R4850, the 4870 is about as good as the Gtx 260 and for about 135$ i would snatch that little fella.
  5. i think save 30$ and go for the 9800GTX+. it's a great performer if you play in 1280x1024 or 1680x1050. but, if you want more then buy the 4870 512mb.
  6. Go for the most powerful card u can afford... and i think tat is the 4870 1GB because ur mobo has only 1 pcie slot...so it would make sense to get the single powerful card tat u can buy...
  7. If you like AA. Pick the 4870 512MB.

    If you play at higher than 1080p (1920x1080) then buy the Radeon 4870 1GB.

    If you don't have any money or you don't want to use any AA then the 9800GTX will be enough.
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