EVGA 680i Bad Motherboard?

Ive been using the EVGA 680i motherboard for about a year now, with occasional issues, however recently, it has gotten to the point where it is becoming hard to use the PC for any real good.

The Problem: Hangs at POST about 50% of the time (Must reboot), Artifacting in games requiring reboot.

I know that it is not a memory issue- I have tried 3 different sets of memory that show no errors in other PC's but display numerous errors in the this computer.

I Also know that it should not be a GPU issue, as I have RMA'ed my card but still did not get any better results.

What would be the recommended action? Replace the motherboard? Or could it be something else? Thanks for the help!

My current configuration is-

EVGA 680i
Intel Q6600 (No overclock)
2gb DDR2 800mhz RAM
1000w PSU
Win 7/Vista
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  1. Some 680i are fine with running a first gen quad core CPU. Others, alas, seem to have problems. I had similar problems. I finally bit the bullet and replaced it with a P35 Gigabyte board.

    Mine ran happily with an E6600 at 3.6 GHz. (stress tested 24 hours with Orthos). Put a Q6600 in it. It wasn't stable even at stock speeds.

    Bought a Gigabyte P35 board for the Q6600. Stress tested stock settings with Prime95 for 24 hours. Ran fine. Worked up to a 3.6 GHz OC. After final settings, I stress tested 72 hours.

    Came to the conclusion that my 680i board just doesn't like quad core chips.

    If all this sounds kind of familiar, you may have a similar problem.
  2. I also have the Evga 680i LT mobo, and I am experiencing the same anomalies. It has been flawless for 3 years, I have swapped out everything but the mobo, new cpu, gpu, memory and never a hiccup until now. I know there were numerous concerns early with many boards in this generation. I am not in the market to upgrade to an I7 system, so I too am looking for suggestions.


    evga 680i lt
    evga 8800gtx sli
    8 gig corsair 6400
    750w PCp&c
    xigmatek 1283
    WD 320g HD
    Vista 64
  3. (If it helps, the error given when it fails to POST is 50, though I am not sure if this is the % complete of the POST or the actual error code.)
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  5. I have a 680i with a Q6600 processor. I was experiencing the same lock ups and graphical glitches in games. I am using SLI enabled RAM which has an "auto-overclock" feature. I discovered that disabling this feature in the bios solved my problems although the bus speed on my ram is now set at 800mhz :/ . Anyways, I now run all games at near max settings and have not had one single forced reboot since I changed the setting. Before I changed it, I had to reboot at least every half hour.

    Also, I discovered this work-around reading many forum posts like this one. These 680i motherboards are flawed and if I were you I would try clocking down your RAM even if you aren't using the sli-optimized modules. Can't hurt to try right?
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