My new ASUS N61JQ-X1 has 2 hard drive partitions, how can i make it 1?

Just got this laptop, one of the only things I do not like is how it has 2 hard partitions. It has 1 for all your programs and windows files and 1 for your data (I all ready have a 2TB external hard drive for that kind of stuff). I do not like it because I only have like 4 games installed and a couple of small programs and I am all ready down to 38 GBs left. I already removed all the bloatware, which did not save me much GBs.
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    I assume that it has W7 on it. If that is the case, simply right click on the my computer icon, go to manage, and then make your way into the storage part of it. From there it should be pretty self explanatory in deleting the partition to make one big partition.
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