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I am currently a high school senior who is going off to college this late August. I need to get a laptop, but because i am addicted to gaming I am willing to crank out the couple hundred extra bucks to get a system that will be powerful now, and can last me a good bit. I am wondering in getting the Asus W90VP, which has the Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2 now... or wait for the next series of graphics cards when they come out... not sure how much the price drop will be, it any , if it's worth the wait, or if they will even come out in time before i leave for college! PLEASE HELP ME, very appreciated!
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    the longer you wait the more prices go down and more products that are better come out.
  2. I agree with evongugg, toay top of the line computer part will become mid range in a couple of years. The only problem is are you willing to wait a couple of years for a lappy? You are going to college you probably need one. So go ahead buy it!
  3. Dude buy it now, especially if you don't have a good gaming computer for the summer. Why waste most of the year waiting when you can play on it now? Most hardware these days is plenty powerful, so why wait. You will have to buy a new graphics card every 24 months anyways.

    My 2 cents.
  4. Just wait for DirectX 11 GPU like I am doing now. If you don't wait then you will be disappoint later, after 3-5 months, when DirectX 11 are due. Well, waiting should not hurt you, I suppose? You can future-proof yourself with DX 11 for at least another 3 years or until DirectX 12 is release perhaps in 2013. I am still building my rig since March 2008 and I still have the old Radeon 9600SE but I think that I will finish when DirectX 11 GPU comes out. Actually the Beta version of Windows 7 and Beta DirectX 11 were already released so I don't think that we are far away from DX 11 GPUs.

    I heard about the roadmap of ATI and NVIDIA saying that DirectX 11 will be in around Q3 2009 and DirectX 11 GPU will be release somewhere in mid 2009 like early or late Q2 2009. :ouch:

    TSMC already began mass production of 40nm GPU for NVIDIA and ATI since November of 2008. ATI also already has 40nm GPUs and might make a trial run on RV740 and RV790 in Q1 2009 to respond to Geforce GTX 285 and Geforce GTX 295. :ouch:

    Microsoft also sent the technical preview of DirectX 11 to Video card developers like ATI and NVIDIA in November 2008! :ouch:

    DirectX 11 video card with 40nm GPUs can be release at any momment without warning so this is why I am saying that waiting for DX 11 video card with 40nm GPU might be better than buying now. There is still a high possibility that DirectX 11 video card with 40nm GPU could be release within 3-5 months! :ouch:

    Anyway, this also depends on how much you care about Gaming with DirectX 11. DirectX 10 might be obsolete within only 5 months and with DX 10 card, you cannot play a DX 11 game with all DX 11 features but you can still play the game but it is only in DX 10 mode so basically, it is like you are playing another DX 10 game rather than playing a DX 11 game. In other words, you can still play a game that supports DX 11 with a DX 10 card but it does not mean that you are really playing a DX 11 game because if you are playing DX 11 game then you must be able to use full DX11 features and you must be able to also see the game's DX 11 graphic by using DX 11 GPU. Of course all tech will be obsolete but it is better if it will not be obsolete within 5 months or 1 year after buying it so you can future proof yourself maybe for at least 2-3 years and you will not miss DX 11 games and you could use its full potential or full DX 11 features but in order to do that you still need DX 11 GPU. DX 11 GPU is like a Key to a New Era of PC Gaming Graphic and I hope that it will be More Realistic than DX 10. :D

    Are you still sure that you want to buy now??? :o
  5. If you need it now, buy it now. If not wait until you do need it.

    1. If you do need it now there's no sense waiting. You can always say I'll wait until prices go down and once they do it'll be because something new and better came out and then your back where you started.

    2. If you dont need it now, like if you have a pc that is just fine, you mide as well wait because im sure the prices will go down by the summer and there's no use in over paying just to have it sit around.
  6. well thank you all for the help!!.. im new to this site sooo im not sure if i need to close the forum or if it will do it automatically
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