Google Voice And Video wont install, administrator problem

ill make this fast.

im the administrator
google voice and video wont see that
i tried installing in safe mode as administrator
it worked, for a bit, than there was a "known problem with installing in safe mode"

i just got google+ and the only reason i wanted it was because of the "hangout" feature, but it requires this, and i have no idea what to do.
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  1. I'm not quite following, so you got it to work in safe mode then what happened?

    what is "known problem with installing in safe mode"?
  2. in safe mode, it gets passed the administrator check, but fails to install and tells me to install it outside of safe mode

    outside of safemode i am the administrator, but it wont get passed the admin check.
  3. ok, my bad, i read it wrong, because i never heard of this happening

    i cant have administrator privileges, other wise i cant install it. i tried takeing admin away from me with a dummy admin account, but that didnt work because i couldnt log in without them.

    however on the dummy account, i installed and ran the application.

    ANY one know what to do because this problem is retarded.
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