Power supply rating

What is the logic of omitting, "forgetting", hiding the external hard drive power supply rating?

it is missing from your web, from your manuals. it is absent from the hard drive shell as well.

choose one of the three options:

1)we are to busy pretending that we are busy, to have time for any trivialities.

2)hiding power supply rating is convenient way to promote chance for your equipment to be burned. 100$ for replacement equipment and ~1000$ for data recovery services spent by you is highly beneficial for our business environment.

3) other. (be specific) ............
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  1. The above is a question that i left on Seagate support forum. I hope that somebody from Seagate will have the guts to answer me.
    It reflects industry wide approach toward customers support service and business approach toward the end user.
    Western Digital, whose hard drives die to often just after warranty expires, markets its 3.5" external drives with unmarked generic power supplies of 7.5V.
    Basing on my recent experience, 12V power supply initially will work correctly. then, in 20-30mins the drive fry. the circuitry is designed in such way that the main board burned out together with the board that belongs to the hard disc itself and its internal, sealed actuators and motors.
    Western Digital denied any responsibility for clear design fault
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