im not sure which 1 to get
im getting a sweet deal for the x38 dq6
which overclocks better?
any fitment issue for the v8 coolmaster heatsink? Ud3p DQ6
thanks guys
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  1. They are both good boards that overclock well - and they both have a lot of different features and obviously prices. No one call tell you which is best for you. However, if you want some a help you might at least state what you will use it for and what cpu, video card, and memory you are considering - which will also provide some limits on the features.

    There are also other versions of those boards with different features. I suggest going to the Gigabyte website where they have some convenient charts for comparing the many different features of systems - you pick the ones you want to compare and it lines them up nicely. The site is:
  2. graphic card = Ati 3870
    Cpu = E8500 or Q9550
    memory = 4gb ddr 2 8500 (corsair/ocz)

    the ud3p almost/exact specs as the dq6
    ud3p = Silent-Pipe (12gb max mem)
    dq6= All copper Silent-Pipe / Crazy Cool (6gb max mem)
  3. Go for the X38 board. As for the CPU I'd go with the Q9550. I take it you already have the 3870. If not, but you are considering buying one, get a 4670 instead, or spend a little more on a more powerful card.
  4. The P45 northbridge has what I guess I would call 'finer' adjustments for overclocking - mainly useful only if you plan to push it hard, and run 4 sticks of RAM; ninety-five-fifties are real work-horses, and the current 'sweet-spot' for price versus performance; if you're only interested in raw clock speed, the dual will run faster; the 3870 will be quieter, cooler, and suck about a third of the amps it takes to support a 48xx - and have puulenty 'go' to handle aero; if you're gaming, and only interested in frame rates (mind you, the human visual system runs out of bandwidth perception at about 25FPS), a faster card will give it to you, but I run a pair of 3850s for four high-res monitors, never drop a frame or see an artifact watching HD ATSC, get 5.9s in Vista, and 6.2s in win7, and only lose about a half gig in 32 bit OSs...
  5. this computer will be mostly gaming/web surfing
    i still thinking about ati 4890 cost about $50+ more
  6. Yes the 4890 is about 2.5 times faster than the 3870 - varies a little depending on particular game. Check out the THG charts is you have not seen them:,1341.html

    The comparable nVidia card is the GTX 260. I prefer them because of the cuda feature - using the graphics card to supplement CPU for certain calculations in non-gaming applications. Its use is not widespread right now - but definitely increasing.

    There are some other differences between the two cards worth notiing. Should you wish to crossfire - the x38 has two true PCIe x16 slots while on the P45 there is only one true x16 slot and the other, while taking x16 cards - only supports up to x8 speeds. However I do not antiicpate this being a problem for you even if you choose to run crossfire as even the x8 slot will fully support the speed of a 4890 GPU. The other are two features the P45 has that are not found in the x38:
    1 Ultra Durable 3 technology with 2 oz copper PCB for 50°C cooler working temperature
    2 Revolution energy saving design with DES Advanced featuring hardware based Dynamic 6-Gear switching

    I would get the P45 because of those two features.

    Note that you will get the best bang for the buck by spending more on you graphics card. If you cannot afford the 4890, there are a lot of cards at varying prices between it and the 3870 - you can find them on the chart above. Then get the fastest card your budget will comfortably allow. Hopefully you can find one on sale at newegg for a substantial discount.

    If you don't expect to crossfire - you might go with the P45-UD3L - which only has one X16 slot - but costs about $25 less and apply that to a faster video card - which could make quite a difference if it helps you move up to the 4870 or nvidia GTX 260, or even the slightly slower GTS 250.

    This is a great buy on a GTS 250 card - BFG - for $120AR - on the charts you will see it is much faster than the 3670 but also a fair amount slower than the higher priced 4890 . (Note that while you can get other GTS 250 cards for about $10 less they only have 512MB of memory compared to 1 GB on BFG and BFG is my preferred manufacturer with a lifetime warranty).

    The best deal on the 4890 appears to be the XFX at $195AR. Note that I don't know much about this particular card so you might want to google a few reviews before getting it. XFX is considered a good brand but some of their models have been known to run a little hotter or more noisy than other brands.
  7. im afraid that the v8 heatsink will have some fitment issue on the dq6 because theres are some backplates
    im going with the P45 motherboard
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