Want to upgrade my GPU. can't decide what please help me

Here are my current specs:

Asus striker II Formula 780i

Q6600 2.40 Ghz

4 gig Ocz 800 mhz

Xfx 8800gtx

Seagate barracuda raid 0 - 1tb

Vista 32-bit ultimate

Samsung LCD monitor 22’’

Power supply 1000w

I am considering going for evga gtx 285 or 295 , but i think I will need a better cpu and upgrade to some better 1066 memory.

On the other hand I was thinking for sli with 280 or 260.

What should I do to get the best perfromance for gaming?
What should be better for my current system?

I am playing Crysis and i want to get a smooth frame with a very high detail.
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  1. if you use anything above a 9800gtx/ Gtx250 or 4850 you will be SEVERELY bottlenecked by your CPU. I recommend overclocking your CPU to 3.2-ish and you will see a huge Frame increase.
  2. I would go for 285, but if you have the money go for the 295, the 295 is basically 2 GTX 260's. If you have enough for for SLI 285 and overclock your CPU a little. Q6600 usually hit at least 3 ghz. The overclock will affect FPS by a little, so it will help out.
  3. +1 for customisbetter

    and don't bother upgrading the ram, 1066 is just overclocked 800 anyways, and core2 doesn't really get any performance boost from faster ram... 1:1 ratio with 800 will allow you to go all the way to 3.6GHz on the cpu without overclocking the ram in the process
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