How to overclock my memory in the BIOS?

Complete here noob way over my head and need some help.. :lol:

Memory: G.SKILL Trident 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) / Cas Latency:8 / Voltage:1.65V / Timing:8-9-8-24

Installed and went into ASUS Rampage III Extreme BIOS. This is what it looked like -->

It appears that everything defaults to AUTO when the RAM is installed which is:



The DRAM FREQUENCY options did not include DDR3-2000 which the memory is rated at. Closest it will do is DDR3-1866 or DDR3-2133..

By looking at the photos above, can someone tell me what I need to change to make one of these (DDR3-1866 or DDR3-2133) settings work?

Hope I'm making sense because this memory stuff has got me confused. If anyone needs any additional info to help... just ask.

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  1. Change pic1:
    -- CAS# Latency to 8
    -- RAS# PRE Time to 8
    Change pic3:
    -- QPI/DRAM Core Voltage to 1.65V
    Not pictured, find and change the frequency to either: 1) 1866MHz or 2) 2133MHz, use the frequency shown on the RAM sticker
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