How do I find out what the type number is for my m/b? I'm trying to get info like pinouts, jumpers, switches, connectors, etc.

Can anybody help?

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  1. most have it printed on a sticker that attatched, or it might be printed on the MB itself. I assume your computer is Dell, Gateway, can sometimes find out by just doing an internet search for technical data on the model you have.
  2. Lol...okay, just reread the title.
  3. I've Googled everything to death, and still couldn't find what I was looking for. The mb has a sticker with a number: MBG5409007.......... and a whole bunch of numbers after that. That is the only thing that looks like a part # although the structure of that number is similar to the serial number of my computer: PTG540X005.........

    So I've come to a grinding halt, unless someone knows where I can get this info.
  4. Its usually 5 numbers or 5 numbers with a mix of letters, either way is a total of 5

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