Phenom II x4 955 BE stock oc help

Hello guys! So I finally got my new pc build up and running and I was wondering if I should even attempt overclocking with the Phenom II x4 955 BE's stock heatsink? I have read many forums but can't find any to my specifics. Some questions if you guys don't mind:

What's the safe way to go about it?
Bios or Ati Overdrive?
What should I push it to at stock heatsink?
What should I push the Mhz , stock voltage and all that to as a starter
And the other timings such as FSB and NB

I am really new to overclocking and would like to go about the best/safest way about doing this but I would like to Oc a little bit even if it is on stock(I heard it can be push from 3.2 stock to 3.4+ without any new heatsinks)

Thanks guys, Ill check back in a bit
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  1. Better not. What is your ambient temperature? Over here in South East Asia, on average, the ambient temperature is 29C. My 955 was using stock heatsink back then and it couldn't even take the heat at its stock clock, let alone OC. I was doing video editing, utilizing all 4 cores and the temp hit 63C.

    My 955 is rev. C2

    So it all comes down to ambient temp, voltage and rev.
  2. it's like 32 now that i added more fans. I went for it and in Bios and took the multiplier to 17.5, now I am at 3500mhz stable and a volt bumpage to 1.434 and I have no problems. Core is at 40 C with Starcraft 2 up and running. Although a few of the temp programs I downloaded say 0 as core temp, this being CoreTemp which I read was pretty damn accurate at reading temperatures.
  3. Run prime 95 and see what temps you get. The voltage sounds high for the small overclock if you haven't already I would try to get it lower.
  4. SC2 does not use all 4 cores, just be aware of that. You wan't to run prime95 like simon12 said to really test if it's stable.
  5. Realistically though, just a question, when am I going to even encounter a game that takes up 100% cpu like on prime? I know it's a stability thing but am I safe just clocking it to the above 3600-3700mhz and leaving it be? The temps seem fine and all I play is sc2 atm and maybe wow. In the future when d3 comes out it may use all 4 cores but by then I'll have a new aftermarket heatsink.
  6. You should be able to run your CPU @ 3.6Ghz 1.4v on the stock cooler. The higher the voltage the warmer the CPU so keep that vcore as low as possible.

    Use more than one program to monitor your temps :

    Leave the NB at stock, raising the clock and voltage on the NB will cause more heat. Leave the FSB @ 200Mhz, since you have a Black Edition CPU there is no need to touch that value unless you want to OC your RAM.

    There really isn't a need to prime the CPU unless you have all you Bios values on auto, if you manually key in most of those values correctly there will be less heat generated inside you case and it should be less prone to crashes.
  7. iv got mine on stock at 3840mhz. its a bit shaky but i havent seen it go above 60C even under long hours of gaming. and it doesnt crash eather im sure it would fail at Prime 95 though.
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