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I just rebuilt my system with an i7 a gigabyte x54a ud3r, i have 2 4650s cross-fired. I want to water cool at least the cpu with the option to cool the gpus and the mobo. I also want to keep it on the cheaper side if possible. around 250 tops.
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  1. What's the question? Do you want a list of every part that you'll need? If this is the case, I'd do some more research first; there's PLENTY of documentation on this forum as well as the rest of the web that will tell you exactly what you need.
  2. well i also have an all in one CPU water cooler but i don't think it will be as effective as a full system water cooler. Id like to know what the community recommends from the currently available CPU sinks gpu sinks pumps etc. Ive also see 2 ways to do this, with and without a reservoir. Ive also been told that other "fluids" are better then water. Basically i would like to know what you would recommend i get to water cool my system and also what you think i should definitively stay away from.
  3. No way. CPU loop $250 min. Old GPU cards, why even bother. A WC solution for a single GPU is close to $100 EACH. Then add more radiator.

    You think fancy liquids are better than distilled, err you trust the internet and a few reads. You just need to learn.

    Start with the sicky at the top. I kinda know watercooling, an older rig of mine from last year. Took me 3 months 3 years ago to learn before I even bought my first part............................ The fittings for the hose alone in the pic are over $100. A quality pump starts at $70. A CPU block? $65+.

    From your post your at 12% of what you need to know before ordering one part.

  4. Lol like Conumdrum said, a water cooling rig costs WAY! more than just 250$. If you wanna do that just get a closed loop from Corsair IE the H50 or H70 or Other Coolit water cooling products. I've seen a person who just to built an entire rig for water cooling for a Q6600 and 3 SLI 8800GTS for when he built it was top of the line, it costed him 5000$ dollars... i lawled at the price. He really went all out on the water cooling though. CRAZY! Plus your using crossfire 4650's that's nothing needed to be water cooled let alone a i7. Even a Hyper 212+ (a 25$ heatsink) cools it fine.
  5. You dont have to be an ass about it. ive read more then ive posted. one of my clan mates water cooled his system. hes been really helpful. ive also read posts on overclockers.com aswell as extremeoverclocking. ive research parts prices and ive asked the same question in 2 other forums.
  6. @shinobi,
    I believe Op already has a h50 or similar as he pointed out in second post but I agree with you and Conumdrum,
    if you have to ask how much its going to cost, you cant afford to do it.
    Keep your 250 and add to it PBR while you research a bit more, You'll appreciate the knowledge a lot more than a halfbaked W/c set up
  7. Oh thanks for catching that, i didn't see that. Well It should be doing fine :P What are your load temps?
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