AMD 2+ dual core in emachine 3644

I have been upgrading my emachine 3644 i have 2gb ram, 550w power supply, geforce 9800 gt. now i want to upgrade the cpu. i found an amd 2+ dual core 2.7 for a good price. can i use it in my computer. it has an amd 2 socket. i think i read that it is possible but i wouldnt get its full pontential. can some one confirm.
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  1. AM2+ processors such as the Athlon X2 7750 ( I assume that's what you're talking about) are compatible with AM2 motherboards. However if the motherboard maker never released a new BIOS that will enable it to recognize the new processor, it won't work. Your going to need to contact emachine, or go to their website and look up your specific computer model/ or the specific motherboard model and see if they list support for the processor you want to use.
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