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Hi all. Since I've installed RAID0 on my computer containing 2x80 GB Intel X25 disks, how do I know if I heve the latest drivers? Where can I download them from. It seems like I cant find the drivers on Intels home page.

And a second question. In Hardware manager, I cant see the name of my drives in RAID 0. It just shows "Gen disk RAID 0" and no hardware information.

I would gladely appreciate all help.
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  1. No one?
  2. Well what exactly are you wanting to do? It sounds like the drives are working, right? Reading these forums most people here are challenged with even plugging them in... :ange:

    Windows 7 includes the drivers so you dont have to install them from a floppy drive.
    You dont see the drives because the chipset hardware/firmware are telling the OS that you have a RAID drive of 160G capacity.
    If you want to see the individual drives you will need to install Intels Matrix Storage Manager. It installs a couple of services that I dont like. You can always uninstall it.
  3. The latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver is here: Intel Rapid....

    They renamed the IMSM to IRST. It's a self installing application (once downloaded and ran), updating the chipset drivers for your Intel based (X58 or P55) motherboard.

    Like vvhocare5 said, the individual driver aren't displayed in Device Manager when they are part of a RAID array. It's given a name, which yours is "Gen disk RAID 0," but I could name mine "Intel RAID0" and "Seagate RAID0," or something like that.

    For further info, try this: The SSD Review. But be warned, I did this "tweaks" and then screwed up my OS so bad, I had to reinstall Win7, and then left everything alone! I did move my pagefile.sys to my HDD, but I have 6GB of RAM, so it's never used. All my data/media is on the HDD array. And I back up frequently (weekly)!

    And since you have 160GB of SSD space, I wouldn't worry about the "saving drive space" tweaks, except disabling Hibernate. Hibernate and SSD don't work good together.

    Now you know, that since you have your SSD in a RAID array, that TRIM is unsupported? It may say that it's enabled, but it's still (currently) not doing anything. Then again, you have plenty of space for the drives, just don't go over 80% of usage (128GB). Even my setup is unsupported, but I haven't noticed any degredation. Sometimes it's a little slower, but then recovers.
  4. Thank You all for great answers and help. Thanks!
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