Have a problem with pny gfmx440sepi card

I have a dell 8250 desktop,it has 2.2 gig cpu,60 gig hard drive,795 ram,and a PNY GF4MX440SEPI video card. With a fresh install of winxp home.My problem is the computer keeps kicking back to 800x 600,I have the correct driver installed for the garphics,also when I turn the computer on it clicks near the CD ROM and keeps rebooting for a long time before it will come on. I have looked for the yellow conflict mark and there are none,the garphics say it has no problem.Any help would be aprreciated,Thanks....Ken
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  1. Not sure about the video issue.

    As for your rebooting issue, does anything show on the screen? I'm not sure what the clicking might be, but (hardware) power up issues tend to be PSU related. Looking at the age of this machine, the PSU might be going. See if you can borrow one from someone and see if the problem goes away.
  2. Or it could be the hard drive on its way out.
    Download and install Speedfan and use its SMART reader to examine your drive (assuming your drive supports SMART).
  3. Thanks for the reply,it is a computer I got stuck with,someone had messed with everything,here is what I have found so far,both cd rom's set at slave,bios was set to boot, floppy,cd rom,then harddrive,graphics card wrong driver. and I think the hard drive is hanging. Thank you Guy's for the advise.This is a very goof forum....Ken
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