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I've recently installed a Accelero xtreme GTX 280 fan on my GTX 275 card, I bought that cooler thinking it was a GTX PRO only to figure out it was a discontinued item after opening the box and seeing that the heat sinks didn't quite fit! Anyway I managed to fit it and it's working away having dropped the temp from 89c to 55c (after heavy gaming on BFBC2) So I'm pretty chuffed. Only issue is that it never stops running at 100%.

I've installed rivatunner and the only fan speed I can set is performance 3D. I can't adjust the 2D setting speed. Has anyone else done this? Do they know of any software I could use or is this just an effect of having the GTX 280 fan on a GTX 275?
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  1. Does the cooler plug into the graphics card for it's fan's power.. or directly into the motherboard? If it'll fit into either you could maybe try straight into the motherboard and then control it with speedfan or something similar (being as I HATE speedfan) and then you have better control.

    If you really wanted to pimp your 275 I'd suggest getting a nice fan controller for like £10 and hooking that up to your GPU cooler. At idle just turn that ****** right down, and when the games come out just crank it all the way up ;).

    Just my two cents.
  2. That is a really good idea cheers, I've got a spare fan controller that came with my case, I'll get on that tonight. Thanks dude
  3. As a for note to anyone else having a similar issue I tried downgrading the Nvidia drivers to see if they had anything to do with the coolers compatibility with the card (as it's a discontinued product) and that didn't help.

    I'll post again once I've tried the fan controller trick.
  4. Looking forward to seeing it :]
  5. It didn't work! The pins on the fan controller are to large and spaced to far apart. Perhaps I can get a converter, I'll be looking tonight but I won't be able to get one and test for a week as I'm in France next week.

    I do like the idea though so I'll still be trying to get that done.

  6. If you have a 3 pin fan connection it's a VERY easy job to solder it together and make your own adapter.
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