I7 vs core 2 duo build price difference $280 debate

heres the situation there is $280 separating the key three components of my duo build

gigabyte ep45-ud3p $134
intel core 2 duo e8400 $150
and patriot extreme performance $50

and my i7 build

asus p6t $250
gskill 1600 (3x2gb) $135
intel i7 920 $229

What am i to build? please comment and say ur opinion/advice!!!
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  1. What do you use the PC for?
  2. rts and online gaming i got a 4870 1gb at home and in maybe a year ill throw another one in the mix both set ups support xfire
  3. If you plan to overclock the i7 above 3.6ghz, you'll need a $80 air cooling solution. While the E8400@4ghz can get by with $20 - $40 cooling option. Something to consider.

    Gaming wise, E8400 can perform near identical as i7 setup with single GPU system. Without knowing the rest of the build, that $280 can certainly help with another component.

    watercooling setup, extremely nice case, powerful PSU, dedicated sound card, 24" LCD, maybe even those Nvidia 3D glasses. Who knows what esle you might want.
  4. that $280 wont be spent all the other components are bought. basically it comes down to price/performance and looking to the future. price/performance gives it to the duo but adding another 4870 in a year or so a i7920 build with quality parts keeps you in the game for a long time to come. so im thinking not whats best now but whats best for awhile. it seems like many have this tough decison. i7 920 at $229 very tempting.
  5. rest of the build consists of antec earthwatt ea650, 4870 1gb, asus 1080p monitor, wd 640gb hard drive... your standard 1250-1500 midrange system. e8400 keeps me at $1250, i7 920 puts me at $1500
  6. EA650 won't run 2 4870, that require 4x6pin PCIe. However for your current setup it should be fine. Might want to swap the EA650 to PC P&C 750W or similar, if you're pretty sure on adding another GPU.

    Overall if you want to last a long time, go for the i7 now.
  7. ive checked it out i have plenty of molex connectors with thhee adapters that come with the gpu i can cause its a solid psu and 650watts is plenty for my setup.
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