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Hey i was just wondering if i could fit 2 psu's into an antec 300 (a separate one for my gpu). also will a gtx 295 or similar size card fit into the 300?
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  1. Long graphics card: yes.
    2xPSU: no.
  2. I own one and i think you could do it with some heavy modding, but you could put one in any mid tower with enough modding :) will it be easy? hell no.
  3. You could use a 5.25 bay sized aux psu like this:
  4. You probably could, but as said you would be in for ALOT of modding to make it work.
  5. There isn't a whole lot of extra room in the 300, so I doubt that you could fit a 2nd normal sized PSU in it. Even if you could, cable management would be a little insane. But as others have stated you could try a 5.25'' Bay style PSU.

    As far as a GTX295, it will fit, but you may have to angle it into the HDD cage before you try and seat it in the PCI-e slot. You may also have to rearrange your HDDs as well depending on how many you have and where you have them placed.
  6. There are external power supplies that are available from online vendors. Just do a search in Google.
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