Best graphics card for q6600 .

hello! there i was having a trouble choosing my gpu . you know that nvidia's gtx 285 is a good choice but my cpu is q6600 at 2.40ghz . can it take the gtx 285 to it's full potential . any advice would be appreciated . thank you

c2q 6600
8600gt xfx .
corsair dominator 2gbs
1tb hdd seagate 7500.11
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  1. Obviously the the faster/better processor you have, the better it will run a video card, but you really shouldn't have an issue. Look into OCing your Q6600 if you are concerned. Honestly any card you stick in any system will bottleneck, It's un avoidable in a compuer. That's why you have different memory caches, each level is slower than the next and is a bottleneck. If something isn't available in L1 cache it does to L2, then L3, then RAM, then HD. Each level is slower than the next creating a bottleneck.

    Get an i7 and x58 chipset, that will run a gtx 285 much better, but that really isn't in the cards is it? I'm just saying you will never avoid a bottleneck.
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