Buying new hdd need advices&solutions

i have WD Caviar 16S 500gb hdd(WD5000KS) but i wanna change it cuz it seems it has bad sectors.
i have 125$. i thought WD Caviar Black 1TB would be great for mobo supports SATAII.
here are the problems,
does vista Home pre.(32bit) support 1TB?
do my bios and mobo(msi g31 m3v2) support 1TB?
wheter they support or not, what is your suggestion?
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  1. have no idea about samsung's hdd but heard lots of good things about WD and seems cant find the one you suggested in my country.should i do any extra thing to make my computer recognize hdd?
  2. you should be able to just plug it in and your bios will recognize it

    when you load your os, you'll have to format it though
  3. just re-install windows right?
  4. you should be able to clone your old drive onto the new one (no reinstallation required)

    if you don't want to ghost, then a reinstallation of windows is probably your best bet (just make sure to back up all the files you want to save). if you do reinstall, then you won't have to format the drive, the installation process will do it for you
  5. thank you for your all help and attention :)
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