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Hey everyone, I just got a free old computer a Compaq Presario w. AMD 2400+ AMD Athlon XP processor and 333 mhz 756mb of DDR memory. Yes I know this is an old piece of crap, but it works. I have my gaming rig in my living room and want a simple media pc to connect to the tv in the bedroom. By media pc I mean just a computer that won't have a meltdown playing a regular .avi movie. Obviously because this is an old computer, there are not many options. I was just wondering if, how and by how much I can OC the processor to get a little more juice out of the computer. Does AMD Overdrive work on such an old pc? I have an old nvidia geforce fx 5200 that had lying around that i dropped in it. Can I overclock this? If so, what are some safe mem, clock, shader values I can use? Also I am not sure if the card even works right, normal computing is fine, but there is constant stuttering when playing any sort of movie. Thanks guys in advance.

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  1. While overclocking regularly would be an option, pre-manufactured PC's have a tendency of the OEM locking up all the options in the BIOS. If you can confirm that the BIOS is not locked, you should be able to get a moderate OC out of this unit. I wouldn't keep my hopes up, but it's worth a try.
  2. Pyroflea, yes the bios is locked. However, would AMD's Overdrive software work for an older non 64bit CPU? Let me know, thanks.
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    Overdrive's system requirements can be found by clicking the "System Requirements" tab:

    I don't believe your motherboard uses any of the chipsets on the list provided, but the only way to tell is for you to check yourself.
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