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how do i get it to start coming up again
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  1. How do I understand what you want help with?

    AOL system information is not native to windows XP installation.

    I don't know what you mean by "start coming up again"

    find the program you need, and try reinstalling it
  2. I have windows xp. use to in the aol tools thingy, i would click on aol info and a window or page would open or load or come up where it had several different things to click on that would make my puter work a little better; ex: u-web; rebuild aol adapter, something about connections to choose ppoe or ppop????? and it would show i am useing broadband{i have the wildblue satelite thingy} (like hughs net). eventhough i have wildblue i use aol for all my net doings because i have had aol for 11 years and just like it. I have (supposively) the fastest or best package wildblue has and my puter is still slow as dial up almost. Computer is fine, cleaned out, viruses, and i defrag, etc... regularly. im pretty dumb when it comes to puter lingo and instructions, etc...but i do know aol info page had things i tried that helped somewhat. and i use (system mechainics) to try and keep this thing straight.
    I hope this all makes sense??? im not an educated guy. 58 and just learned how to use a cell phone, lol.
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