Trying to recover hard drive information

I had a Western Digital 320gb external drive that the USB connection on the outside of the case broke. I took the drive itself out of the case and tried to install it in my desktop case as a regular EIDE drive. It seems to be hooked up properly, and windows recognizes the drive, but it shows it as 0 bytes of space and 0 free bytes and keeps prompting me to format the drive.

I know the data is still there, because I was able to run PhotoRec on it, and it found files, but it copied many of them in corrupted format. I was trying to actually run TestDisk on it, but it was only showing 137gb, and in order to run the program on the full HD I would have to enable LBA48 support. I already have SP1 installed, so I'm not sure why it isn't recognizing this.

Is there any way to possibly recover the files off this HD? I have another 1TB drive I can use to make an image of the bad drive if that would work, I just don't know what all needs to be performed. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Did the drive take a fall or a drop when the case was damaged? It's acting like it has been corrupted. What OS are you using? XP?
  2. No I think it was just from continued unplugging, the USB connector snapped off, but the HD case remained undamaged except for that. I believe it may be corrupted as well, but I'm not sure why. I am running XP, yes. The strange thing is that it recognizes my other drive as a full 1TB, but this one only recognizes 137gb of the 320.
  3. Do a full scan with EASEUS Data Recovery Wizzard it will see your entire partition and you will be able to recover all your files, USB drives tend to break the partition table from unpluggin without using safely remove drive. I've recovered dozens of such drives.
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